qc inspection & control room 

Our inspection room is climate controlled at all time as is our manufacturing area. To Ensure the tolerance of the machined parts. The inspection room is climate controlled so that all parts are checked in a 69-70 degrees environment.
  • Starret Altissimo Micro Height 24" - 30"
  • Starret Webber Gage Blocks 81 Piece .0001 Lab Grade
  • Hole Gage 0125-6" Dia
  • 2 Starret Surface Gages
  • 2 1-2-3 Block Sets
  • Vermont Gage Pin Set .011-.500
  • Starret Surface Plate 6' x 18" x 30"
  • Starret Surface Plate 6' x 36" x 48"
  • Starret Depth Mics 0-6"
  • 24" Mitutoyo Vernier
  • 12" Starret Vernier
  • Mitutoyo Groove Mics 0-6"
  • Mitutoyo Pitch Mics 0-3"
  • 2 Starret Radius Gage Sets
  • Interapid Indicator .0001
  • Interapid Indicator .0005
  • Mitutoyo OD Mics 0"-12"
  • 18" Vernier Height Gage

It is the goal of Ermel Precision Machining to provide its customers with on time, competitively-priced quality solutions to their machining and metal fabrication problems. The company will work with our customers to fully understand what they expect of our product and to deliver a product that fully meets those expectations. The company will further seek to establish a constructive relationship with our suppliers, the aim of which is to improve the quality and value of their products and services directed to our customer.