Matsuura 500

This machining center is equipped with a 10,000 RPM spindle which is used for milling and drilling of small diameter holes. We use this machine on soft materials such as plastics, styro-foam and non-ferrous materials because of the high spindle speed. It is suited not only to the High-Tech manufacturing industries for telecommunication and semiconductor devices, but also to the high volume automobile component manufacturing and electric industries where the accuracy and cost of production is critical. 




Matsuura 510

Although This machine has the same travel and horsepower as the Matsuura 500 it is used for the machining of stainless steels, steels and exotic materials. This machines that can offer the advantages of high speed machining up to 20,000 min-1 and yet can provide good levels of torque at lower speeds for operations such as drilling and tapping.




Hardinge Cobra 65

Anyone in the tool and die / machining industry knows the name of Hardinge. This CNC Lathe is used for our high precision turning work and has a 12 tool station turret as the 15 horsepower spindle removes material quickly. The Cobra 65 also is equipped with a tail stock where support is needed in making shafts up to 20 inches long.


Manual / Conventional

These machines are used for prototype work, fixtures and secondary operations. Ermel Precision also specializes in various repair work on heavy equipment. From making new shafts to sleeving or repairing a casting that may otherwise may no longer be available or difficult to find. 

Our emergency services will make your downtime minimal.

 Acer Milling Machine

The Acer milling machine has Dynamically balanced spindle motor eliminates vibration and excessive noise during operation with precision Class 7 (ABEC-7) angular spindle bearings. The Quill & housing are chrome plated & precision ground to a tolerance within 5/10,000" to ensure accuracy Enhanced quill travel indicator is designed for easy reading by the operator.




Bridgeport Milling Machine

The Bridgeport milling machine is a rugged and powerful machine developed for tough machining applications. It has a level of reliability unsurpassed in the industry and is manufactured from quality gray cast iron to the highest standards.




Whacheon Engine Lathe

The Whacheon Engine Lathe Number is designed to provide the most suitable cutting speed to any diameter workpiece, within the range of swing over bed. The main spindle is supported at three points by precision bearings, and the spindle hole is generously sized. Automatic forced lubrication supplies lubricant to every slideway and drive mechanism in the headstock.